About us

We provide pragmatic, meaningful and innovative products and services within the digital landscape. Combining experience and an understanding of design and usability with technology to take on the unique challenges of the web.

Born out of an Agency the company has evolved and branched out to become its own entity with offices in Bangalore and Dubai. We bring together interface development and software solutions, all of which are backed by unrivalled expertise and knowledge in digital communication.

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Our Process

01 Analysis and Insight

We validate the project brief and challenge it through research and observations of the existing ecosystem in order to:

  1. Look inside the company to understand business requirements, and
  2. Look outside to the ecosystem, market environment and culture.

02 Prototyping

Our innate understanding of the design process and web technology allows us to develop a brief into meaningful prototypes. From mock-ups to HTML wireframes we take this important step between a requirement and development extremely seriously.

03 Development

From pixel perfect, optimised user interfaces that are accessible to well refactored and documented code that is easy to manage, the development process is the phase we enjoy the most. By throwing Agile into the mix we ensure focus on the features that will actually get used.

04 Deployment

Domains, servers, webservers, databases, source control, continuous integration, load balancing, web security. We get it. Regardless of platform, tools or location we make sure your solutions are up and running and are optimised and monitored to stay that way.

05 Continuous Improvement

We believe that building things that people don’t use isn’t the best use of our time. Hence the importance of the continuous improvement process post version 1 when we start to measure and understand better how users actually interact and use the solution thus clarifying where our focus needs to be.


An innate understanding of the principles of good coding and design are a given. The deeper principles that drive, direct and inspire us lie outside the technical realm.

  • Creating loyal followings We offer the kind of support that ensures our clients’ websites never falter and their customers are never disappointed.
  • Bravery and commitment As a team, we are dedicated to producing exceptional results, by an unwavering belief in ourselves and our clients.
  • Working inclusively Chatting and brainstorming with our clients helps us to understand their needs and create bespoke technical solutions.
  • Pragmatism We cut through the techno-babble to reach to the heart of our clients’ needs.


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